Flamingo Flame

I've been dabbling in flamingos over 5 years.
Still at it.
New trio are waiting for their UV varnish to dry, so here's a lil' backstory for you...

On a sticky Florida day, the kind of day where the Sunshine State seems truly equatorial.
 I approached a lagoon full of pinkies wading. Their long grace admirable and alien,
synchronized and sharp. I sang something to them in a hushed tone about their beauty and comic confidence. In my head, I snapped my fingers in a zig zag and apologized for being off key. I must have let a loud chuckle escape.
Their honks and calls quieted, and they turned to me all at once.
The flamboyance jolted and jutted side to side, but it was unmistakable, 
they were walking to me.

A single bird stepped forward. "Excuse me."
 His voice was deep and rich. The sound poured over me like honey.
"What is your name?"
I stammered, making a few unsure, creaky noises that resembled, "Ruh. Ruh. Ruh."
Mesmerized by his eyes, I got out one last, "Rahhh..."
He looked into my soul and pulled out the moment this body first Knew something.
 "Shit." I whispered, hammered with humility.

"Mmmmhmmm. Little girl was right. Don't shut it again."
 I don't know if it was them or me that flew into the sun.

Agrimony meaning and folklore

Agrimonia eupatoria, or more commonly known as agrimony, church steeple, or cockleburs. 
In the language of flowers, sending them symbolizes gratitude. Their role in folk medicine for millennia might have something to do with this. (Disclaimer- not medical advice, though it's non-toxic, don't go eating to replace your meds, k?)
A powerful coagulant, it was given to heal wounds and stop internal bleeding, skin diseases, snake bites, sore throats, diarrhea, and the list goes on so I'll cut it short. There was a medieval remedy for internal hemorrhaging that involved agrimony, human blood (menstrual- whole n'other post on suppressed sacred feminine and what the holy grail probably was for realzzz), and pounded frogs, soooo-  level 4 Patrons might get a new frog print sans the smoosh. 
 I digress.
Having so many uses, it was also thought to be kind of magical, so giving it to someone that was thought to have fallen under a hex made total sense. It is said to ward off negativity, and lots of wildcrafters and homeopathy practitioners use it today. It's part of the infamous Bach flower remedy, and it's used as a yellow dye.
Oh, and another name for agrimony? Fairy's wand. Put it under someone's pillow and they won't wake until it is removed. If only, right? 
The flowers have a rich, spicy scent, and afterward their seed pods turn into those little spiky burrs that stick to errything, you know what I'm talking about? You know.
  Want to grow some? Native to Europe (eupatoria) but it grows pretty much everywhere. A perennial with sunny, yellow blooms, it can tolerate dry and alkaline soil.
Zones 6-9
Well drained, Full Sun, Tolerates part shade
If propagating by seed, germination can be tricky and take 1-3 weeks, transplant outside as soon as seedlings are visible. It can be invasive and take over, so keep an eye on it if you don't want too much of it. 
tip- I like to use the little biodegradable seedling starter/transplant pots. 
It keeps the roots in check for a while.
 Speaking of roots, there's so much more history and folklore on agrimony, but that's for you to google or hmu to chit chat in DMs. The next Patron only post  over on Patreon
has a zip file filled with agrimony watercolor design elements (png & jpg) and printable thank you card goodies. 

Whatever your ailment, gratitude is damn good medicine.

Thanks for stopping by,

D. Renée

Black Pearl

 I've said it before and I'll say it again,
do you Fringe?

You really should.

Orlando Fringe is a local organization that provides the opportunity for performing (and visual) artists to exhibit original and cutting edge work. Work that pushes boundaries yet brings us all together.

You also know about my love affair with the city of light.
Always on my mind, her deep historical roots paired with lust for revolution and the avant garde hold the eternal flame of my spirit.

Josephine Baker needs no introduction.
If you're rusty on your history, read up and know that entertainers have long held important roles as rights activists and even resistance fighters. 
She refused to perform for segregated audiences in the U.S., 
Because when you shut up and do as you're told, you're merely a servant to the corrupt systems and powers that be. 

I created another piece in my Clothed in Cosmic series specifically for this event and donated it to the fundraiser auction.
Black Pearl of Paris,
Watercolor and Silver leaf.
Original winner will receive a certificate of authenticity.
*Update- original sold, prints are available here.

*update original has been sold and prints are available on my print sites.

Twin Peaks Day

Twin Peaks Day! 10 steps to posting...

February 24, 1989 was the day they found Laura Palmer’s body by the Lake and it all began.
I don’t want to give spoilers to anyone living under a rock the past 29 years, but it’s all amazing & the return/season 3 is definitely worth watching for Lynch fans. I really enjoyed it. There are some explanations, even more weirdness, and some interesting outcomes. My take on Carrie Page influenced this piece (right in the pic collage) and now fire walk with me through each step of the process.

1. Ink drawing of Laura Palmer’s pretty face. (I’ve had this one under wraps-pun intended- for quite a while waiting for the right time to use it. Glad I didn’t throw it out during studio purge 1 last month.)
Pdf print available on Patreon

2. Paint several watercolor galaxy backgrounds. I enjoy the fuck out of these. They are super relaxing and I don’t care too much about representationalism because it’s incorporated into fantasy art.

3. Scan all artwork, vectorize line drawing, color correct galaxies. Maybe
do yoga and or take more serious pain relief measures at the end of the day because lumbar spine is wrecked from sitting in a chair all day. 🌌

4. Create separate files for each. Level 3+ Patrons will be getting the ink portrait download to print.💕(coming in next Patron's only post) Watercolor galaxy files will be used in other projects, and possibly one original for Patron giveaway depending on feedback.

5. Make new file and use inverted line drawing file as masked layer on both backgrounds. Mess with transparency levels until it looks just so...

6. Enter file info, save it as a pdf.
Canvas mockup on Redbubble...

7. Upload file for sale onto my pod print site.
Society6, Redbubble, etc.

8. Give my Level 4 Patrons a free download of the final large print pdf because they are the wind beneath my monthly web fees.
9. Give the link to Meals on Wheels volunteer signup- because Laura would have wanted it that way.

10. Repeat second half of step 3, have a damn fine cup of coffee ☕️ maybe a piece of 🥧 pie. Think about Carrie Page, how much I love David Lynch and my Patrons.

On the first day of Christmas...

 Okay, okay, so technically the 12 days of Christmas happen after Christmas, but that wouldn't really be as fun for you guys, and the build up helps you get in the spirit. 
 Fun fact, the gifts in the song seem super weird because they are actually symbols for the tenets of Christianity. The "true love" is representative of the Judeo-Christian god, and a partridge was chosen because this bird displays a behavior to protect its young wherein it will lure predators away from the nest and go so far as to feign injury to keep any threat away. 
Man, I love birds. Nature is so cool.
 The printable page of the line drawing is available to download on my Patreon page for supporters at the $10 level. It can be used for coloring, wrapping paper, or various small pet bedding when properly shredded. Printed at a very small scale, they may enjoy the artwork, too.
 Not into coloring or supporting independent artists monetarily? That's cool. Interject your new carol knowledge at the office party to make people uncomfortable when they thought they were singing strictly secular songs. 
 FYI- the Cyber week sale has ended and the extra Patron codes have expired, but as an extra thanks during the holidays, there is a 30% off code for $10 Patrons on the Patreon page with the Partridge download. 
 Thanks again for stopping by!
See you birds soon,
D. Renée

Gemini Journey

Gemini and some Cosmic Communication

(to see a bigger view-visit Gemini Journey; Pollux Pleads in my shop.)

Wowza. It's June already.  It's also already pretty hot here in Florida.
The heat has me a bit spaced out and that's totally fitting since I got a request to make this month's Patron rewards theme "something cosmic".
 With no more cosmic specificity than that, I chose the May/June sign of Gemini and melded astronomy and astrology into one, because that's how Gemini floats. The air sign has a unique mythology and history behind it. I TIED IT ALL IN, there's a lot to unpack, but I'll try to be brief.

The gemini (Latin for twins) Pollux and Castor are the namesake of the stars in their constellation. To make a long story short,  Queen Leda, the mother of the infamous Helen - was seduced by Zeus/Jupiter in the form of, wait for it, a swan, and became pregnant. In the same night, she was also made pregnant by her husband, Tyndareus the King of Sparta, hence the twins. One was immortal- Pollux, one was not- Castor. These twins were super tight, fought in the Trojan War, had major adventures, and when Castor finally died, Pollux couldn't handle it. He went to dad (Zeus/Jupiter) and begged him to do something.  He did. He made them both immortal, flinging them into the sky to shine as stars, forever and ever, (well you know) and that's the happy shiny ending.
(Click here to see rewards for $10+ Patrons- )
 Geminis are ruled by "air" making them a thinking yet very chatty bunch, and that chatty part is in tune with the next connection- Mercury. 
Hermes, or Mercury, was the god in charge of messages. To the gods, between gods, between gods and mortals, between mortals and the dead (he also took the dead to the underworld/Pluto-that's coming up) you get the idea.

 Okay, I mentioned Mercury/Hermes and communication. Mercury got his moniker as the quicksilver messenger with winged feet because Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. This makes its orbit much faster, hence the speedy association. Messengers need speed, hence communication was probably just a natural trait to ascribe to this planet. So, as DMB would say- Sa-te-lliiiiiiiiiiite. Find the Astronaut. In the second, I just put together a nifty mandala of the stations of Saturn with some fun doodles and comet thingys. Lots of artistic license in that one, but the planets positioning in the Gemini Journey printable ($10+ ink line drawing, $20+ reward print download ) was fairly accurate as of a few days ago, so think about the symbolism in twins positioning, Pluto & Jupiter. What do you see? What does it say to you?  Talk to me about it!  

Okay- this month also couched RN week! Yay, nurses!!! I love you, we all love you! Thank you. <3 I'm sure you've all seen the caduceus on some nursing stuff. It's a staff with two snakes wrapped around it. Here's the fun part- it's not actually the symbol for healing, that would be the staff of Asclepius, which is one snake wrapped around a staff. The caduceus is actually Mercury's/Hermes' staff, and is a symbol for merchants, commerce, and communication/messengers. However, snakes are super symbolic of healing because of their regenerative powers, and nurses are very much the intermediaries between life and death (Hermes and Hades!) so that makes the caduceus an entirely appropriate symbol. Boom. Caduceus away, nurses. One of the repeat patterns is a caduceus. Do with it as you will.
 The second repeat pattern is about cosmic communication on a much larger scale. Om . The sound of cosmic creation, but, ummmmm, more meta? All that is, was, or ever will be. It's nebulous yet simple. It's also relaxing to hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
So that's the story behind this month's rewards! Stay tuned to the next few Patron only posts  over on Patreon for your downloads and let me know if you have questions.
This is a communication themed month, so please let me know how you're doing, or just say hi.   :)
Email me, hit me up on insta  or facebook .
As always, thank you so very much to my Patreon Patrons for their support. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, even though I'm floating and I don't quite know which way is up or down...
In gratitude,
D. Renée
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