Flamingo Friday

I've obviously been on a flamingo roll lately.
I'm a bird lover, but these tropical beauties are unique, and I really like unique.
They stand out. They are elegant and really specialized for their environment.

The printable July rewards for my Patreon Patrons followed suit.

You can get them by pledging support on my Patreon page, or swing by my Etsy shop and get an instant  download, easy peasy.

Speaking of Etsy, 
I put together a lil' flock of fabulous pink things for Flamingo Friday. 

I've also listed another of the small watercolor flamingo studies on Daily Paintworks.
These auctions give collectors and artists a chance to add a small originals to their collections at an affordable price. :)
Click to see more or Bid

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Don't be afraid to stand out.
Stay flamboyant,
stay weird,


  1. Fun new printable! Love those pink flamingo heels :)

  2. Love your new flamingo pieces! I read an article recently about how the increased demand for lithium caused by the rising popularity of electric cars is damaging flamingo habitats and causing large numbers of them to starve in South America. =(

  3. The flamingo pieces are fun! Thanks for including my necklace in your Treasury and blog. I'm sharing it.

  4. Having grown up in Oregon (outside of Portland) I can relate to 'staying weird' :)

  5. Flamingos really are special. I was fascinated by them as a child (living in Hong Kong). Thank you for the treasury feature!

  6. Flamingos are such interesting creatures with their long, flexible necks. I saw a pair up close at the zoo recently.
    such a fun treasury you curated! Thanks for featuring my silk scarf!


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