Single & Ready to Flamingle

Are you a pinky fan?
Then you probably already know
June 23rd was National Flamingo Day.
I've been painting flamingos for several years, but I'm pretty thrilled that they have the spotlight right now. 
I don't know how anyone couldn't love them. 
The long lines, gorgeous and unique color, completely breathtaking flight, and truly fascinating social rituals and interactions are  just a few of the things that make these birds an absolute must 
for my wild Florida series.

While there were relatively very few wild flamingos in Florida the past century (since more and more people settled in Florida and their numbers dwindled due to feather and egg harvesting) the greater American beauties are making a comeback in certain spots of sofl.

                                                         Full flamingo watercolor study I

As I make small watercolor studies for larger pieces in the Wild FL series, I will place the small postcard sized paintings on DPW for auction.

Stay tuned for more birds as I list them online this summer!

What's your favorite thing about flamingos?

Let me know in the comments. :)

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  1. I enjoy watching them skim the water for food as well as how they peck at one another. That is the behavioral part but what I really love is their color! You are so talented Renee!


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