A queso fountain and Freebie Friday

It's Friiiiyaaaaayyy!

I was traveling last Friday, so I am a week late getting this freebie up on the blog.

(Today's freebie is on my Patreon page!)

This week has flown by, and I'm glad it's the weekend-
but it can't compare to last weekend.
I got to visit my old home of Tybee Island, GA, and one of my oldest friends from SCAD.
A true "seeester" during my days romping around on one of prettiest, and quirkiest, places on the planet.
The affair was graciously held at the astonishing Drazek abode.
Keith & Jen are the owners of Latitude 32. My personal favorite place to shop on Tybee. Super nice people, great apparel, and the bride designed the company logo!
My friend Kelley was a gorgeous bride, and she really deserves her own post, but I'm actually happy to say that I didn't take many photos after the wedding began.
I was really enjoying myself, and I was sans phone most of the weekend.
The photographer, Travis Sayre, was doing a much better job than any of us amateurs could, anyway.

  I do wish I could have gotten pics of the flowers, though! My god, they were gorgeous! I showed up a bit early to help with any extra loose ends before the ceremony, and I got to help put the arrangements on tables. Unbelievably pretty. Two close friends of Kelley's (and also super awesome people!) are amazing floral designers and flew in to do the wedding.
Andrew Zellmer and Sarah Rheaume of Bowerbird Atelier.
The wind was seriously kicking and they still made it work. It was like a fairy tale.

The Sunday Bloody Mary bar brunch at Marlin Monroe's 
softened the blow of the open bar reception and The Wind Rose Cafe after party.
(Yes, the after party; the bride insisted.
The bar where the couple met was having its 20th anniversary.
No one refuses the bride!)
Best wedding favor in the universe!

Marlin Monroe's is where my husband and I had our wedding reception five years ago after our beach wedding,
 so it was really nice to reminisce and walk the beach before brunch.

Brunch wasn't the end of the parties, there were still more beach houses and friends to visit.
Sunday Funday may have originated on Tybee. I'm just sayin'; they were living it there well before hashtags.

Monday was a day for Husboo and I to stroll around Savannah, shop, eat, visit a couple more friends, and pick up art supplies. (I especially miss that part of living in an art college town.)

It was a fabulous trip full of friends and fun,
but you really do need to see the magic that is the queso fountain. I did shoot a quick video of that, because I knew the bride was super excited about it. I mean, yeah. 

I'm so very happy that one of the most beautiful, fun, and unique souls I know has found a partner that appreciates and cherishes her like she deserves to be.

Ahhhhhh. I love love.

Okay- back to life. Back to reality.
Back to work.
I love my patreon Patrons, too!

Here's a little sampling of the April rewards 
posted, so far...

I'll be getting artwork ready for the Mayfaire show this month, 
so there won't be any more freebie downloads in April, just download rewards for Patrons only posts, and today's freebie will switch to Patron only soon.

Thanks for swinging by.
Have a great weekend, Beautiful!

I think we might just take it easy...

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