Searching for the Queen Bee

I'm a busy bee this month, with a show coming up, 
finishing and starting new projects, and (ugh) taxes. 
So, I'm posting a short clip of my latest preoccupation-

This clip from shows Lucyann looking for the queen.
(It's really hard to work a phone with beekeeping gloves, so excuse the vertical orientation.)

By finding the hive where the queen is located, and then relocating it, the bees will produce a new queen. 
I won't go into all of the details, because I know I can go off on tangents with my nature/animal nerd jargon and ramblings, but
it's a process called splitting hives, and it's one of the ways that bees are really flippin' amazing.
This helps beekeepers to grow colonies in the spring, and is especially helpful because some are losing up to half of their hives every year to colony collapse disorder. 
(so scary, sad, and not cool- don't use pesticides, especially systemic!)

The myriad of substances that these tiny creature create from flower juice and water boggles the mind.
They all have specific jobs, they are extremely practical, they are incredibly effective at communicating with each other, and know when to communicate certain things.
They dance out complex routes to the best food and water within teensy eensy itty bitty spaces.
It's absolutely amazing.

I need to get back to work, so I'll leave you with a quote from the 50+ year beekeeping veteran, Lucyann~

"If people worked like the bees, we'd have very few problems."

buzz buzz
wiggle wiggle

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