Left or Right on Freebie Friday

Happy Fri-yay!

I hope you're having a fantastic one, so far.

I've kind of had it with opinions on social media as of late, and I've been steering clear of my personal Facebook newsfeed for the most part. (I'm on my art page and ig, and though.)
The day after a debate is like a port-a-potty after a music festival. No thanks.

But I'd love to hear what your left or right preference is when it comes to adult coloring pages.
Care to give your opinion on 

which one of these coloring downloads you might prefer for print-at-home coloring?

 #1 or #2 ?

This particular design is pretty intricate and has a lot of symbolism, but I'll leave that unpacking for a later post.
When it comes to coloring, do you prefer the option to shade yourself, or do you like dark linework?
The dark lines of the original also leave patrons with the options of simply printing the artwork to hang if they wish, so there's that.
Let me know- left or right?
#1 or #2

It's #freebiefriday for patrons and I'm getting all the downloads together for the reward post.

Thanks so much for your opinions ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend, and try to stay sane out there.

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