Seeing Black and White

I'm usually really colorful when it comes to artwork and decor.
The art I collect is normally vibrant, my own palette is usually super saturated- it's sometimes just  straight up, right out of the flipping tube. 
My color theory professor would choke on her eyeballs rolling back into her head at some of the pieces I've painted.
But lately I've had a side thing with ink, and it's starting to seep into everything else.
I'm also way into white. Like, really into it. 

I'm getting worried. What's happening to me?!

This is actually leading to a proliferation of pens on my work table.
They are slowly creeping out of their 2 designated existing supply drawers and crowding out the slots reserved for brushes and paint.
I truly thank my lucky stars I'm not into copic markers. That would be a nightmare.

I think it might be time to get a bit more organized and test out the new products from my shops.
Red Bubble offers studio pouches, like the one pictured below.

I am especially loving this pouch, and it's one of my favorite designs that was totally free form and that puts me in a nice headspace.

"You were in my Dream" Studio Pouch.
But, I also like this pattern that I created this week.
(and there will be free printable PDFs for Patrons, yo!)

I really like the clean white with the gold zipper on this design.

I got a notification from Society6 that I can offer this design as a Carry-All and also offer free shipping and 15% off on Carry Alls as an artist promo.
For whatever reason, not all of my designs are available on the new Carry-Alls, yet.
This one, Celtic Kisses Medley, is.
It looks a tad more grey, but I think that may be because of the cotton/poly blend.
The lining is definitely a plus, especially in the larger sizes. The 3 pack is only $40, and the large could certainly hold my iPad. I really wish I could mix and match...
 Along with a handful of other designs, my fox and fawn are on pouches- so that's making it tougher.
Maybe it's not so black and white after-all.
 le sigh...

Click this link and get free shipping plus 15% off any Carry-All Pouch in my Society6 shop.
But you have to click through the link to get the deal. 

What do you think?
How do you organize your pens?
Do you have any studio pouches or carry-alls?

Let me know in the comments!

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