Gratitude game 8/14- Days 1-4

 I'm not usually one to bite on social media challenges, so when a friend on facebook tagged me to play a 7 day gratitude game, I wasn't feeling up to it.
I actually already keep a gratitude journal. Every night (or sometimes in the morning), I jot down 5 things for which I'm thankful. That's why I wasn't really wanting to play. It's not that I don't want to do the exercise, it's just that listing those things publicly on social media can be an invitation for trolls and negative Nancies to rain on your Thanksgiving parade.
Although I'm on it daily, I am not entirely keen on the current mood of Facebook. It's very negative, and quite frankly, haters gonna hate.
 I know there's a lot of heavy shit going on in the world right now. ISIS is committing heinous acts, Ferguson, MO is in turmoil, ebola is rampant, and if Robin Williams can't hang in there, what shot do the rest of the naturally melancholy really have?
 But isn't that exactly why we should be taking a few moments to count our blessings, as they say?

 I decided to morph the challenge into my own game. I'm a fairly visual person, so taking (or image searching) 3 photos daily to represent those blessings seemed like a new spin on the list.
I'm also avoiding all the snarky comments from Facebook friends (who probably aren't even really my friends IRL) by posting them to my blog. Let's face it, those people are looking for attention and an outlet to frustrations. If they come all the way to my little blog to pick a sad fight, so be it.
The images I choose are simple and their interpretation only matters to me. Most of the images are physically literal and simultaneously metaphorical. It's the act of searching for and being aware of them that makes one reflect on their meaning.

 With that, I give you #gratgame814

 Day 1- Vision. Texture. Transformation.

Day 2- Rare springs. 
The ocean.
The ability to have both physical locations so close to home I can visit both in one afternoon. 

Day 3- Guidance. 
My amazing and super fun husband.

Day 4

Medicine, both natural and man-made. 
The ability to affordably eat fresh foods year round from local businesses. (Florida does have its perks.)
Innovative technological advances. (The rhino is from a 3D printer!)

  Well, that's the first 4 days all in one shot.  What are you grateful for?
Leave a comment below to share. :)

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