Tropical Storm Hermine ; Rainy Days Ahead

Possible tropical storm Hermine is headed our way this week.

I'm actually sort of excited about a storm named Hermine, a variant of Hermione! 
Total Potterhead over here. As long as she doesn't do much damage...
The governor has already issued a state of emergency for 42 counties, and ours is one of them.
We aren't overly concerned, but we'll be picking up extra water at the store and charging our portable device backup battery.

My biggest complaint is that I'm probably going to get some cabin fever.
I've already been stuck inside the past couple of days because I've been busy working.
I love yoga, but for real inspiration and rejuvenation
I need to hit the trails, whether walking, running, or biking.

I will be busy drawing and scanning the coloring printables rewards for my Patreon supporters, so that's good. I'll also have time to get some reading done.
I've taken advantage of this optimum electricity and internet time to make a rainy day treasury to get me in the mood for the onslaught of rain.
After all, the water levels of our swamps and bogs are really incredibly low for this time of year.
A heavy storm is actually a good thing.

To see these Rainy Day faves, on Etsy click here.

What do you do on rainy days?

Thanks for swinging by, 
and I hope you spend your doing all the rainy day things you love.

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  1. Wonderful Treasury for a Rainy Day! Stay safe during the Storms, a great time to catch up on some old Harry Potter Books!

  2. Lovely treasury <3

  3. I love the rain. It restores me. And I love the sound of it on the roof - nothing more soothing!

  4. I'll probably be stuck inside this weekend too, mostly knitting and watching Netflix if we still have power.

  5. Not overly concerned sounds like us right now, too! At breakfast we were just saying we don't see much to do besides make sure our water bottles are full and our battery packs charged. Hope all goes well with you! We have storms Madeline, which probably won't do anything to us on Oahu, and Lester, which was, strangely enough, my great grandfather's name.

  6. I hope the storm didn't hit you as bad as was expected!
    The photo of the toad is awesome!


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