"Santa" Time Lapse

Yesterday, I was sketching out new holiday card ideas and grabbed the closest thing nearby before the idea escaped into the vapors- 
a mailer for my cards. 

I shared the sketch to my Etsy updates app 
and said the next card order would be mailed with it- 
and then I got an order right that second. 

I doubted this customer had even seen my update, and it was not a follower or fan's name I recognized, but I told him about the offer anyway. Fair is fair.

 Since he had ordered a somewhat Tori related item, I offered to do a Tori Amos sketch instead. 

(I enjoy drawing her, and I was up late in the studio anyway.) 
Sure enough, this customer didn't even know about the OOAK mailer sketch offer and was excited I was willing to still do something else.

(Santa Time Lapse Drawing)

I was happy to do a special "Santa" sketch for someone getting a 
gift for a fellow EWF. 
(That's "Ears With Feet" for you non-fans.)

And if you're not familiar with Tori as "Santa", she is one of the alter egos from American Doll Posse. 

I love having my art be a part of someone's holiday gift giving, 
so making it extra special was even better. 

This month, any Patreon supporter that purchases 4 or more cards from 
my Etsy shop  will receive an OOAK ink or oil pastel sketch on their mailer. 
Don't forget to use your codes, and contact me if you forgot yours.

I listened to Midwinter Graces while working on Santa, of course. 

Enjoy Tori singing the entire song, Pink and Glitter, here.

What's your favorite non-traditional holiday music?

Have you finished your holiday cards yet?

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