Look at the birds of the air...

  September is upon us and another challenge has been posed. However, this month is pretty busy for me. I have a few prior commitments, so I don't think I can realistically crank out 30 paintings and get anything else done. (One painting usually takes me 2-7 non-consecutive days to complete.)
I've been a bit anxious lately with all I have to get done. Most of those things are self-imposed, but sometimes that's even more pressure. I'm resolving to at least try to post weekly (and daily if I'm lucky) the smaller paintings I do finish, here on my blog.
  Yesterday was a somewhat stressful, worrisome, and overall blah day. 
I took a walk to clear my mind and look to nature for some respite. I set the intention to see something that would bring me clarity and peace.
 Watercolor on cold press
Total size 15" x 17.5" including frame.
Click here for limited edition prints.

 As soon as I rounded the corner, I saw an unbelievable sight. Several dozen sparrows were flying around a churchyard field. They were diving, soaring, and circling at a frenetic pace.
In awe, I stopped to watch them for a bit. By the time I realized I really needed to take a photo of the birds, they were flying away. 

 This painting is inspired by that brief and beautiful encounter. It had an unexpectedly profound effect on me. Sparrows are a symbol for many things, among them freedom, creativity, and Love.
It was just the lift I needed.

  Birds of the Air cheered me. Marvin Gaye cheers me, too. I'll leave you with this Marvin version of a sparrow themed song. An oldie, but a goodie. 

Fly high, my friends.

~D. Renée

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  1. Very nice! Great story... and thanks for sharing the song. One I don't remember hearing before. Best of luck this month :)


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