Flamingo Flame

I've been dabbling in flamingos over 5 years.
Still at it.
New trio are waiting for their UV varnish to dry, so here's a lil' backstory for you...

On a sticky Florida day, the kind of day where the Sunshine State seems truly equatorial.
 I approached a lagoon full of pinkies wading. Their long grace admirable and alien,
synchronized and sharp. I sang something to them in a hushed tone about their beauty and comic confidence. In my head, I snapped my fingers in a zig zag and apologized for being off key. I must have let a loud chuckle escape.
Their honks and calls quieted, and they turned to me all at once.
The flamboyance jolted and jutted side to side, but it was unmistakable, 
they were walking to me.

A single bird stepped forward. "Excuse me."
 His voice was deep and rich. The sound poured over me like honey.
"What is your name?"
I stammered, making a few unsure, creaky noises that resembled, "Ruh. Ruh. Ruh."
Mesmerized by his eyes, I got out one last, "Rahhh..."
He looked into my soul and pulled out the moment this body first Knew something.
 "Shit." I whispered, hammered with humility.

"Mmmmhmmm. Little girl was right. Don't shut it again."
 I don't know if it was them or me that flew into the sun.

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