5 ways Lovebirds are not just for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yeah, I know the historical attributions of the holiday are shaky at best,
and the modern romantic trappings of the day are somewhat commercial,
(see the previous link for a fun article from NPR, and if you want to look up more on your own, I suggest a more in-depth googling of the roman fertility festival Lupercalia )
but I don't think there is anything wrong with celebrating romantic love.
In a time fraught with political strife and and all sorts of lower level vibes,
a day that panders to our softer sides is so very welcome.

Each year I create something for my beau mari that symbolizes love within nature.

This year the subject was the lovebird. These particular birds came from my imagination, and are not based on a real species, though there are now almost 70 different color variations and mutations from the 9 species of African lovebirds.
The green and pink plumage symbolizes the colors of an open heart chakra in harmony with the vibrant teal of a throat chakra for loving communication.  

Lovebirds on Society6

Cool traits and behaviors of these colorful beauties include;

Once bonded, a pair will mate for life.

They feed each other to bond and to strengthen bonds after any separation.
Their oxytocin levels are incredibly high (the love hormone), and this leads into the next trait...

Upon death or separation, the remaining lovebird will display behavior that we might compare to depression. This is probably linked to the decline in oxytocin in the bird's brain when separated from its mate. This means pizza & Netflix with boo after a long work day IS totally romantic.

These birds have very high energy and intelligence for their size.
They will jump around and hang from perches to entertain each other, as well as work out escape plans if they are not occupied. This makes enrichment toys and puzzles important for birds kept in captivity.

Seven of the nine species of lovebirds are androgynous, making it difficult to tell a female from the males. The colorful plumage and size are same, and some even carry nest making materials around in feathers to showcase their homebuilding skills. Very progressive, Lovebirds.

So, there ya go. Lovebirds aren't just all cuddles and chirping. There are quite a few traits we can emulate to strengthen our relationships.

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If you donate at least $10 to the campaign, send me an email an I'll send you a printable pdf of Lovebirds. I really wanted to do something to help the organization that helps the near-threatened Fischer's Lovebird & so many other endangered species. Your help would be so appreciated. <3
If you're not into Patreon or Wildlife fundraisers, I get it.

I still have something for you. How does $10 towards your first Society6 purchase, sound?

It doesn't even have to be from my shop.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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  1. Lovely colors! I didn't know that some lovebirds are androgynous. Very interesting!


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