Almost wordless Wednesday; A break in Paris & Pere Lachaise

   After a blogging break, some upheaval, and a lot of travel, there's really so much to say...
but it is wordless Wednesday, so I'll compromise.

Pere Lachaise is probably one of my favorite spots in Paris, and I took more photos, but this one captured the overall feel.

 While strolling the streets of Paris is beyond amazing, there really isn't a better place for a quiet, reflective walk in the city than Pere Lachaise cemetery in the 20th arrondisement. The cool of autumn provides the perfect light and temperature for the kind of contemplation that comes with a walk among the graves.

 If you aren't too star struck by the monuments to famous people like Chopin, Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, and Jim Morrison -and the list goes on- you'll see that everyone lying in repose here is equally still, and your mind will settle on the sunlight. Your senses will heighten as you feel the breeze and hear the leaves rustle, because you are enjoying these small pleasures while you can.

Do you like to walk or sit in cemeteries?
What's your favorite?
Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by, 
~D. Renée


  1. You did capture the light and the feeling of contemplation!
    I have been in a couple beautiful cemeteries. I posted a photo or 2 of one in Washington, DC sometime back. There's a lovely one in my hometown (even if it is far away). I do have a few shots. Maybe I'll write a post...

  2. Perfect Photo! When my sister was in Paris she took a picture of Jim Morrison's gravestone covered with years of people leaving their own memories there.
    Can't wait to see more of your photos!

  3. Oh to answer your question - yes, I love walking through the peacefulness of Cemetery's - one can find so much history. My favorite is Sleepy Hollow Cemetery on Halloween!

  4. I used to go to a local cemetery in LA during my work lunchtime. It was so peaceful, and I found a few famous gravestones on my stroll.

  5. So lovely! I haven't been to Parish since I was 18 months old. I lived a whole summer in France as a teen and never went to Paris! I haven't really visited any cemeteries lately, but last year I insisted on having birthday cake at a cemetery. My husband was a little weirded out.

  6. Beautiful photo! Sadly, I got sick the first day of my Paris trip last year, so I didn't get to see some of the sights I had on my list. There's always a next time :)


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