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It's been a rough week here in Central Florida, and even though my mind and heart is constantly cycling through sadness, rage, hope, depression, repeat; 

LGBTQ rights have been an issue that is near to me for decades now.
The atrocity wasn't just close to home in that sense, it actually happened at home.
I'm not really sure I'll be writing about the Pulse tragedy in detail anytime too soon.
I was horror stricken that Sunday morning, and spent all day giving blood.
After that reality set in and the cycle of emotions was too much unless I was actively doing something.
The entire Orlando area- from politicians to artists- are focusing on Love, and how we can help.

I've shared, cried, and ranted on social media even though it's a weird, nasty place lately.
(I've hit the unfriend button a few times. I have no place in my life for hate & bigots.)
But social media is how the community is staying in touch for vigils and events, fundraisers and counter-protests, so it's an essential technology. Orlando came together in peaceful droves and even staved off the hate of Westboro Baptist Church.

That is effin' amazing.

Blogging hasn't really been a priority.
People are.
Self-care is.
Making art is.
Nature is.

I may post more about at a later time.

Here's one image from my reference photo trip on Monday. 
Nature always heals, and colorful birds are an extra boost. 

The rainbow colors seem extra appropriate.

Stay tuned to social media like facebook & Instagram
for more charity art events & fundraiser info.
There are seriously TONS of amazing artists and galleries that are planning shows to benefit Pulse victims & families.
Earlier this week I spoke to a representative from Bidding for Good, and they even offered to send someone down to one of the events should the curator choose to use their platform.
The first event will be an art auction at Gods & Monsters on July 2.
I will be donating an original painting to that auction, as well.
More benefit shows will be happening this fall with Pride in October.
Like I said, stay tuned...

Lots of love to you,


  1. Nature heals - how true! And I firmly believe that love conquers all. ((hugs))

  2. I loved the video of the "angels" blocking out the Westboro Baptist Church. I'm glad the community (and the country) are coming together to support love and not hate.


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