Full Circle of Gratitude

It's so funny how things come full circle... 

 On the left is one of my daily gratitude journals, and a super cute teensy cactus planter made by the awesome Julie Harbers, who also happened to be my neighbor at the Orlando visual Fringe Art market. On the right are notecards of my watercolor painting Dragonfly Druzy, which was painted during an extended gratitude in nature exercise. These boxes of cards are being sent out to an awesome lady, who will then send them as thank you cards to Patrons of the Orlando Fringe organization.  

 I feel super honored and thankful to be a part of that. Gratitude is everything. Every breath, every kiss, every tear.✨ It's all effin' magical. ✨
We can't forget that. We have to hold each other up. 💙  
What are you thankful for today?
Who would you get a thank you note from you?

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