The Blooming of a Bird of Paradise; In the Studio

Here's a quick peek into the process of a small w-i-p painting using sennelier and mission watercolor on Yupo paper.

 It is definitely a medium with a mind of its own. 

I'm a bird nerd, so you know the Bird of Paradise is one of my favorite tropical flowers. 

This flower symbolizes staying open to new possibility and seeking freedom wherever you can find it. It's also given in congratulations and in recognition of gracefully getting through a sticky situation.


Have you worked on Yupo?
It can be tricky, but I like things with a challenge and unique final outcome.
What do you like about it? Let me know in the comments.

Stay tuned for the finished piece. I'll be showing it during the Polk Museum of Art's Mayfaire by the Lake fine art festival in Lakeland next weekend with my other watercolor work.


Have a colorful day,

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