Finding love in brokenness...

 This will be a quickie/almost wordless Wednesday. I'm posting from my mobile, but I felt this photo deserved a longer caption to describe what I've been feeling this week.
I'm sure most of us have been feeling the same after the attacks in Brussels, and the ongoing onslaught of political vitriol here in the United States. 

Finding love in broken things... 
It's always easy to see the beauty in nature, terrible and awesome she may be. 
It's not so easy with people...
Expecting the darkest of our nature and being only surprised by the good is too depressing a baseline from which to begin.
Fully understanding actions isn't always possible, but examining situations and reactions and how they relate to the entire "ecosystem" can't be foregone. 
Sometimes it takes looking deeply into the brokenness, to the root of the wound and heartache, to see  where healing and rebirth may begin. 
Focus on the good. 🌿
(I'll keep trying.) 💚

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