Will it swing red or will it go blue?

The next Freebie Friday printable is up to you.(Kind of like the future of America, but lots less important, and slightly more fun, cute, and it's free...)
Enough of that-

I was inspired by Celta's free downloads on Creative market, and thought I'd pass along the kindness by manipulating and layering her cute .png illustrations into a layout for a Valentine. BUT when I created one that that I really liked, I thought I might like blue better, but red is so classic, but blue is so cute, but red...
well, that's where you come in.

 What'll be?

Democracy people!

 I'll put the high res final on a pdf that can be downloaded, printed and folded right in half for an easy peasy Valentine. 

Free on my Patreon page for everybody

Let me know in the comments.

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