I love him to the Moon & Back...

Keep reading below to see what inspired this design, and why I love Husboo to the moon & back...

It's Freebie Friday again, and although this month has been chock full of 
freebies for the super awesome supporters over on my Patreon page, they still get another freebie today because V-day is pretty much here and I really like giving them free things.

Here's a little sampling of a few of the free
 printables and coloring downloads rewards they've received in the past couple weeks.

Some of these are also available in my Etsy shop, but patrons always get the first dibs and uploads.

I came up with this very simple design because I was thinking about Husboo.
(that's my husband/boo, husband is too formal and I don't like the serious tone. :/)
Every year, I paint him something and get him a card and gift.
It's nice, but it's sort of becoming routine.
I don't like routine...
I like gestures that pull heartstrings and inspire.
However, we are going to continue a tradition that I like very much and clues you in to why my Husboo is the bees knees in every way.
This is a major reason that I love this man to the moon and back, and then on to Venus and back.
It's the tradition of taking my very special single sister out for dinner 
on V-Day.

My sister is special needs, and is usually single on Valentine's Day. 
Being a single adult is not something that she's overly preoccupied with, but couples' holidays have a tendency to rub a bit of salt in her wounds.

I think it's nice for her to hang out with us as a couple,
 because she is treated like a normal adult
 and we don't make an issue of her not having kids or a significant other-
 we are childless, too!
She also loves to team up with my husband and tease 
or "troll" me about whatever they are finding particularly hilarious at the moment. 
It's nice to be the butt of joke if it's making them laugh.
Our Valentine's Day won't be spent over a romantic candlelit dinner and wine.
Chances are, we'll be testing out the color-changing rotating stars light I got for my sister as her Valentine gift, and maybe watching Star Wars. 
Husboo thinks it's more important for her to have a good day 
and some happiness than it is for us to have another night by ourselves. 
It was his idea. It always is.
Isn't he the best?! <3 <3 <3

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Well, that's it for today!
I've got a few things to gather for my moon and stars, if you know what I mean. ;-)

What are your plans?

Have a fantastic weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day!


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