Have a new mug with that cuppa!

Who drinks coffee or tea?!

If you've read through many of my blogs, you'll know
we go through mountains of both in our house, and we always need mugs due to wear and tear.

Just fyi, Society6 is having a sale on mugs today. $5 off both regular mugs and travel.

I have several mugs at home that I love, but it's hard for me to find them quite enormous enough.
I think that's probably a good thing. It keeps me getting up when I'm stuck at a desk or wrapped up in a drawing or painting. Sitting down too long is not good for my back (or really for anyone). So getting up to put another cuppa and have a little walk about is nice.

Do you have a favorite mug at home?

Mine is bright green and has a minimalist sea turtle design by my friend, Kelley Quigley 
for Latitude 32 on Tybee Island, GA.

I'm going to put a kettle on right now, it just started pouring rain!

See ya later,

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