Enough of my stories- what does this art say about you?

I actually started posting these images for a curator because these pieces, or reproductions of them, are going to be in a Nature themed/Earth Day showing here at a Central Florida venue.
I couldn't get my email to upload jpgs- so irritating- so I figured I'd post them here with links that I could email, but then I had an idea...

As an artist that happily lives out in the boonies, almost every painting I create is inspired by something I see in nature.
I usually share the stories behind them. 
(You'll find the link to a blog post or web page about the corresponding post if I posted one for that piece.)
But I'd really like to hear what these images inspire in you.

Get creative and let me know by 
posting a short story or poem in the comments.

What stories do these paintings tell you?

 Birds of the Air
Birds of the Air

 Dragonfly Druzy
Dragonfly Druzy

Have a Ball

Crow Moon

Oleander Moth 

Butterfly Fuchsia

Spirit of the Fox

Winter is Coming

True Blue Jay

What stories do these paintings tell you?

 Let me know!

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