Creature Comforts

Well, it hit my better half this week.

He was out of work with swollen glands, sore throat, aches, feverish, etcetera.

Today, I believe it is sinking its claws into me.
I have taken my zinc and C like a good girl.
I avoided my husband like the plague,
and I have had dozens of cups of ginger tea.

I'm still dizzy.
I'm still tired.
I'm cold.
I ache.

I need sleep and creature comforts.

Here's some of my faves from the interwebz.

Click HERE to see them all.

PJs~ 'nuff said.

 The Painted Menagerie

Cell culture card by The Painted Menagerie~
 Haha, I like biology jokes, and it's almost funny to me that I feel like this because of tiny life forms inside of me.

Tea infusers~ Can't get enough of them, and these are adorable.

Pillows~ Yup.

Candles~ It's actually chilly in FL this week, and I'm freeeeeeezing. My feet and hands are like ice. So many candles.

Handmade Bowls~ Soup. So much soup. Soup out of handmade bowls is even better.

Pretty notecards~ Because everyone needs notecards, no one loves getting a "Get Well" email. 
Send snail mail.

Leg Warmers~ Perfect for those chilly then burning up cycles of the sickness.

Copper Pot~ Copper has antimicrobial properties, you can make a mean soup, and it's gorgeous. 

Personalized Bamboo Spoon~  Soup! (And other stuff, I guess.)

Infinity Scarf~ It's handmade, it's cozy, it's purple, gimme.

Just in case I feel a little better and want to do some Etsy related work so I don't feel so guilty about laying in bed.

This set is awesome. 
It would make me feel like I was living in The Shire or something.

Stamped Soup Spoons~ La Soupe. 

Representative of my real fur baby, because she's the best napping buddy in the world.

On that note, I think I'll head home. 

What makes you feel better when you're under the weather?
Let me know in the comments.

See ya,

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