The greatest gift...

One Christmas Eve
 a long time ago 
in a little house on a snowy night,

 three young girls each opened separate boxes from their mother.
Each box contained a single slip of paper. On each piece of paper was written a single letter.
One sister held the letter G.
The middle sister received the letter D.
The youngest had the letter O.
The oldest girl rolled her eyes and threw her head back. "God?"
 After antagonizing the indignant child for a few moments, the mother revealed that the sisters would be receiving a D-O-G that year.

And so simultaneously began my joyous obsession with gift wrapping pranks and pets.
Last night, my husband had me open a gift. It was wrapped in a prank box.
It wasn't a tangible gift, but it really was the best gift I've ever received in my entire life. 
(I'll fill you in later, trust me.)

 Anyway, I was crying and said "I don't deserve you." 
My sister was there (if you've read any other post about her,
 you know how awesome she is)
she immediately blurted out "Yes, you do!", which made me laugh, but then cry more.

 I was crying tears of relief, tears of laughter, tears of joy.
You see, I had been having a rough go lately. In my mind, some things were really not going so well. I really needed time with those two last night to put it all in perspective, to see that my life really is full awesome things, full of downright miracles, and that JOY is the best one.
 My wish for you this Christmas is that you get that same sort of magic;
To be surrounded by the people that love you, and love life enough,
to be completely silly and ridiculous.
People that will make you laugh until your sides hurt, and smile until your cheeks ache.

 It's nothing short of miraculous. 

And to everyone that purchased artwork this holiday season, a very special thank you!
Your support means more than you know.
May your holiday and New Year be merry and bright.

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