Humbug Country

The holidays can really tend to magnify what we feel is either currently "right" or "wrong" in our lives at the moment.

The good is great,
and the not so great-
well, there's no mincing words,
it's really shitty.

But if you're feeling overwhelmed and humbuggy-
it's always a good time to stop and remember that it's just a date.
Every culture has a festival of lights to bring a time of celebration and togetherness during the time of darkness and cold to bring comfort.

The light is the focus. 
Just as in any time of year, 
dwelling on the darkness will stir up an emotional shit storm. 
Having dark thoughts?
Stop that mess. 
Run yourself a hot bath, make a hot cuppa, pour a glass of mulled wine, whatever you need to do.

If you are really missing loved ones,
find ways to honor them.

Take the funds you would have used to purchase gifts for them and donate to charities,
or volunteer your time at orgs that need you throughout the year. 
(Most shelters are pretty good on help during the holiday- picking another date can be even more helpful.) 

It's okay to have a pity party, 
but show yourself some love and find ways to recognize the light.
Party hard. However it is that you party, do it.
You deserve it.
Celebrate the awesome parts of your year,
and celebrate the end of the crappy parts. 

It's a little hectic with the holidays,
and I haven't been blogging much.
This is also a reminder that this weekend is the last chance to order signed prints or originals from my Etsy shop and have them delivered via USPS Priority Mail before Christmas. NouveauNiche

If you're a H.S.T. fan, or a reader of gonzo lit, you might get the reference, 

and you might be surprised to know that H.S.T. actually had a soft spot for Christmas.

I drew it up last week for a customer that ordered one of my Turn Pro prints, as part of the OOAK mailer sketch special I was running.

If you like the Hunter S. Thompson inspired sketch,
head over to my Patreon for two printable PDFs. 
(It's free for Patrons, and there's also a special 25% code for patrons.)

I hope your holiday season is going well, 
and you're steering clear of any Yuletide blues.

What do you do when you find yourself in humbug country?

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