Small Business Saturday, Turkey recap, & More

Wow. That flew by!
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I can't believe it's Small Business Saturday already. I'm still all caught up in Thanksgiving. 
I don't eat turkeys, so I painted one.

This was the progress shot after a bit of wine made me decide it was time to take a break and kick off the holiday with cheesy television specials. 

(OMG, who saw Turkey Hollow?!!!! I adore all things Henson, and Steenburgen's character is pretty much me in 30 years.)
Image source.
This shot was from the trail Thanksgiving morning.
See the center of the photo? Look down slightly.
That's a large, wild turkey.
That tree is over 50ft tall.
Turkeys fly. (It always irritates me when people mistakenly say they don't.) 
Domesticated, fattened, hormone pumped turkeys don't fly.
I am lucky to live in an area with lots of wild turkeys.
The Joe Hutto book Illumination in the Flatwoods and Nature documentary My Life as a Turkey was actually based in Florida. :)

Here's the finished watercolor. What would you title this turkey?
Swing by my Facebook page to give your suggestion, or let me know in the comments. :)

Oh! And here's the newest pattern coloring page for Patreon supporters.
I was somewhere in between thinking of slices of pie and snowflakes. This is what came out.
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 Free Holiday Colring Printables for Patreon Patrons

Happy Small Biz Saturday!

How are you planning to support local and small business owners this holiday season?

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