It's coming. Just breathe.

The idea that busyness = importance, or even necessity, is one that can rob us of 
health and happiness.

We can become so involved in doing that we forget to be.
I am a firm believer that we are human beings, not human doings.
With the upcoming holiday season, all of us are probably feeling some sort of impending busyness.
The pressure to do more, buy that, be there, etcetera.
Presence is the greatest gift of all, especially to yourself.
You cannot give to others if you are depleted.
This is a reminder to breathe.

Finding moments of stillness and focusing on our breath activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS).
This is the part of your brain stem that tells your heart to slow down, 
your muscles to relax, dilates blood vessels
and generally makes your mind and body knock it the f@#* off.

It can be tough to focus solely on breath if you're truly stressed and have little experience with a seated meditation practice.
Gentle yoga or tai chi is a good way to work in a moving meditation that focuses on breath. 
This way, you are distracted with moving postures and have less mental space to wander.
And while I do not join the throngs that tout coloring to be certified "art therapy",
 psychologists have found coloring to be calming and self-soothing for adult colorists.
This is probably due to the relaxation brought on by the repetitive motion and slowed, deepened breath of those in the studies.  

Or you could just go outside and see what you can find in the clouds. It works for me every time, and I usually get inspired to paint, draw something, or get a really nice chuckle. 
And we all know laughter is the best medicine of all. 

Breathe in freely.
Know that you are supported by life.
Most importantly, let it go. 
You don't have to hold on to that breath. 
There's another right there, just waiting to nourish you,
but it can't if you still have lungs full of stale, old air.

So seriously, just breathe.

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