You've Got This

It's one of my go-to phrases for encouragement when I'm cheerleading someone. When it comes to encouraging others, I don't like to simply say "good luck", or "I hope you do well." When we say that we hope they do well, get the job,
 get a new PR, etc., it is so, well, it's just meh, and there's no power in it at all. So, why wasn't I doing that for myself?

  Lately, I felt a little down and out. I was getting in a rut of picking out all of my shortcomings, and it was really starting to gnaw at me. I had some disappointing news at the neurologist last week regarding my spinal and nerve issues. I needed to take some of my own medicine and remember what I am capable of, who I am, and what I already have.
 Creating is the main way I process and focus on things, so here's this little watercolor text printable just in time for Motivation Monday. ;-)

 High Res Instant Download Printable

"You got this" is so sure. 
It's like an instant reminder of your personal power and of all the things that you ARE capable of doing. 
You got this. No question. Done deal. Pow.

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