Black Cats & #FreebieFriday

It's finally Friyaaaay!!!

Last night I was up late working in the studio. Before finally calling it a night and going to bed, I wrote my husband a note. I do this most nights. I like to stick a post it or other piece of paper where he will see it upon waking, since he wakes up at such an ungodly hour and I'm still sleeping. 
(I'm a total night owl, shocker right?) 
Just a quick, "I love you, have an awesome day, etc.," or other silly thing if the mood strikes me. I recently acquired a cute little note pad with a bunch of simple, stylized cats.
Sometimes, I write thought bubbles above their heads. 
It's fun.
Last night, I realized there wasn't a black cat. I understand why for logical design purposes, but really, I mean, how could they?!
So, I fixed it.

I then wrote the note.

I got a sweet return note from my Husboo, so I was still thinking about black cats, and cats in general upon waking. Then I started thinking about my Gran's cat, and Siamese cats.
 Baby, Gran's hateful cat
"Baby; Gran's Hateful Cat"
One thing led to the next, and I began doodling. It led to today's Freebie Friday coloring page. 

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(Brownie points for les chats noirs!)

Have a purrfect weekend loves,


  1. Although your printable cat sheet is adorable, my favorite part of this post is that you write love notes to your hubby! I love that! Anything we can do to keep our relationships vital is tops with me! Great idea!! (and wonderful transparent sharing! Thanks!)

    1. Awww, thanks. :)
      Neither of us can seem to pitch them. We eventually end up with stacks of love notes littering the house! There are worse problems to have. <3
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I agree with with Linda! My husband has notes I left him three years ago when I came to visit Hawaii before we were even engaged.
    The cat painting reminds me of my sister's cat. She has an ancient, tiny Siamese that definitely rules the house and shows no signs of slowing down!

    1. That's so sweet, Natasha!
      Yes, Siamese always rule. ;-)


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