Be Here Now

Motivational Monday is a big thing with many people lately, and I totally get it.
(I even participate!) It can be difficult to get the week started, and a little inspirational boost is often needed. Today however, I took issue with the "Make Monday your bitch," and general attack mode lots of these Monday memes promote. So for today, my Monday mantra is Be Here Now.

 I'll elaborate-

Yesterday, I got to meet up with an old friend from Ireland. It was my husband's first time meeting her, and I was really thrilled to be seeing her again and finally meeting her partner. It had been almost ten years since I had seen her last, and we had a great time at Universal Studios. My dear husband even forfeited all of his Sunday NFL games, including his fantasy league dealings, so he could go with me. It was kind of a big deal. He gave me the gift of his presence, and it was really awesome.

 We got home much later on a Sunday evening than normal, and he was truly beat.
Before heading to bed at a very late hour, I set up the coffee pot for him because I noticed he had forgotten to do it before falling asleep. I wrote him a quick post-it note and stuck it on the coffee maker along with my daily good morning note. 

 Upon waking, my dear one was already gone to the office and I headed into the kitchen for my coffee. This week is a super busy one. We have travel coming up, and there's tons to get done before heading out! 
 Checking email and my texts messages as I pulled the drapes, I read- "Coffee maker is not working. If you try to put water in, it spills out. I have to fix it tonight..."
 I walk in the kitchen and see the damp counter, evidence of the poor man's mishap this morning.
I figure the post-it fell off, but I don't see it. I text him. "It's not broken. You didn't read my note."

 It's all good. Lots to do this week. Now, to fix this so I can have my coffee...

I unplug the machine and dump the water from the reservoir into the sink. I set up a new round, plug this baby back in, and get ready to start my Monday.
 I am halted by angry, high pitched beeping.

What?! No. This is not happening. You are not broken machine. I have 82 things to do before Wednesday, and this is my springboard.
For a moment I think of the closest place to drive to get a cup of good coffee. (We live a bit out in the country. There is definitely not a Starbucks on every corner.)
 I unplug it and plug it in again. Reboot? Nope. The beeping continues.

 Well, hell, I breathe out to myself. I guess I did break it...

I google "loud beeping, Cuisinart coffee maker, won't make coffee, HELP, ".

Bingo! Some poor sap has had to listen to this nerve grating alert, too. (Why didn't I keep the manual? I always throw that stuff away. That kitchen drawer can't handle anymore.)

It seems that when I dumped the water from the reservoir, a little piece from the top of the grinder fell into the sink. I was using pre-ground beans, so I didn't even thing to look at the grinder pieces.
I fished it out, sanitized that sucker, and sat down to take a few centering breaths.

 I had let a list of to-do's rob me of my awareness. If I had started at a slower pace, more in the moment, maybe I could have seen what was missing. Maybe this morning, if my husband wasn't rushing and thinking of everything we have to do this week, he would have seen my note.

Today, I want to make friends with this Monday. I want to be its partner. 
I want to savor and be present. It's not a race to get to some glorious Saturday. It's about Now. 

(Printable pdf here)


  1. Well said Renee. Bruce has been leaving on Mondays for the last month and I find it harder and harder to get a good start to the week. Have a super trip wherever you are going!

  2. There is nothing worse than a broken coffee maker! We live outside of town as well, so I know where you're coming from there.
    But you're right. The good, the in the now! We enjoy the good so much more because we had to deal with the bad.

    1. Very true. Without contrast, it's all gray. :)

  3. Like you I tend to throw away the manual ;-) Sometimes it's easy to let the emotions get carried away. Main thing is to become aware of what's happening and to gently center oneself. I know easier said than done, but practice makes perfect :)

    1. Grounding is a constant for me. ;)


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