A Halloween Tribute to the Florida Black Bears

So, okay, I procrastinated a bit this year. 
(It's been a little crazy this month.)
 We had to go to a couple of different stores to find a pumpkin. When we got home,
it rolled out and hit the driveway when we opened the gate to the truck, and it split! BUT I tried to make it work, and I wanted to honor our Florida black bears. 
I will not go into why (right now), but the science behind the "FWC" (the board of which was appointed by Governor Scott and is comprised not of biologist but of business men and woman) black bear cull was extremely bad, and basically sold over 3,000 hunting permits to kill an allotted 320 bears when there were only 3,000 bears in the state of FL at the last count. A state of almost 20 million humans. The fact that bear bile sells for half the price of gold... I'll save that for a later post, and hopefully you'll do some research on bears for yourself and see that many perpetuated myths just aren't true. 
My Cubs-O-Lantern
It was a challenge to carve around the split, and I do wish I had time to work on another. I think I'd probably carve a homage to our florida bats; another important species that humans are encroaching upon their habitat. 
Happy (almost!) Halloween, friends. Here's to remembering those that have gone, and to living peacefully with ALL those we still walk amongst. Man or "beast".

Here's the bear-o-lantern from all sides. 

Oh, and I almost forgot!

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What kind of jack-o-lantern are you carving?
Let me know in the comments. :)

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