The Day We Wept

 The Days We Wept
The Days We Wept

Every year, everyone remembers where they were that day.
I was away from home, at my first week of college.
As I watched the horrific reports on the television, and spoke on the phone with friends in New York, I cried the entire day. I couldn't fathom what had taken place, or how so much hate could exist. I knew the world would be a vastly different place from then on. I knew it would be a world where war and division was on the forefront and peace and the arts would take a back burner. 

 The events at their core were just so violently heartbreaking. 
After hours upon hours of sobbing, it strengthened my resolve to try to spend my life reminding others of their humanity through the arts. Whatever it is that you do today, I hope you can remind yourself of the unity that tragedy ignited. 
No matter where you were, it was the day we all wept together.

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