Stepping into the dreamworld of Sandra Bottinelli

 A while back on a trip to Asheville, my husband and I came across an artist in the River Arts District. I was immediately drawn to her work. Her subjects included beautifully rendered wildlife portraits with  ethereal dreamscape backgrounds and gorgeous sky and cloudscapes.
As we talked with her, we learned she had once also lived in  central Florida. (That's where we live!)

 We had recently suffered a loss, and we found great comfort in a piece titled
Eye of the Needle.

 Eye of the Needle by Sandra Bottinelli
Eye of the Needle

After purchasing a wood print of this piece to take home and add to our personal collection, I got Sandra to agree to an interview with me.

I love learning more about artists whose work I adore. I hope you do, too. Here's a little insight into Sandra.
(Italicized = D. Renée questions, followed by Sandra's response.)

What is your Quest?
     My quest? I don’t have a specific quest but an idea of how I want to live my life and that would be by living it guided by what is good which is relative. I want to be as true to myself as possible so I can be true to others. Discovering who I am or what I am is a daily quest.
(Interviewers note: So much yes to this answer!)
The Bridge, Sandra Bottinelli

Describe your work for us.
    My work moves from abstract to realistic to a combination of both. It has been described to me as a realistic dream. I have an aha moment every time I am working on a piece that I know is going to be “one of those pieces” and even in between when I am working on pieces that are more like sketches for the masters.

How do you play?
  I play with my sons. I act like a child and this seems to seep into my adult life.
With older folk? I love to dance! Love it!

 How do you mix work & play?
   I mix work and play regularly and cannot seem to separate the two.
 Bathing Beauty, Sandra Bottinelli
Bathing Beauty

Who inspires you?

 Cloud Nine, Sandra Bottinelli
Cloud Nine
  People who can do nothing but follow their dreams because the dreams pull them so strongly inspire me.

What's your biggest challenge?

     To stay on the side of light.

What's your biggest dream?

     To stay on the side of light.

Where can we find you?

My studio and gallery is located in Asheville’s River Arts District: whitespace,
 129 Roberts Street 2B7, Asheville NC 28801. My work can also be seen at

(You can also Like Sandra on facebook!)

What's the best advice you were ever given?
  In a dream my grandfather (who had since passed) sat across a table from me. There was a great deal of commotion going on around us. He handed me a gift. When I opened it I found a large blow-up raft (that was already blown up – how it fit in that small box I don’t know). On the raft the words were written in large letters “SWIM”. My take on that: Don’t float in life, don’t always let the current take you. You must swim, make your path, struggle for what you must do.

You can see Sandra in her Asheville studio or visit her online.  
She also has the honor of being the featured artist this June during Asheville's Woolworth Walk, Friday June 5th. 
If you are in the Asheville area, stop by the Facebook Woolworth Walk Gallery Page for more info. 

My thanks to Sandra for obliging the curious mind of a fellow creative, and a special thanks for creating such wonderful paintings. Eye of the Needle is one of the first things I see every morning, and it makes all the difference when it comes to staying on the side of light. <3

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