You got it? How an "almost" naked picture and a couple of messages reminded me how awesome my job is.

The holiday shipping season is here, and it can get a tad bit crazy.
 As someone that ships artwork across the country, I always ask collectors to let me know when they receive their packages. I usually have the tracking info, but it's just easier to send a quick email, text, tweet, Facebook, or Etsy message. (And that way we don't have to enter irritatingly long tracking #s.)

 This week I sent my art babies out to new homes, from the chilly shores of Lake Michigan to the arid deserts of the west. Yesterday, I received a couple of confirmation messages that reaffirmed why I've chosen a path less traveled. (A path that is void of the proverbial steady paycheck or time I'm ever truly "out of the office".)

 First, I got a hilarious message that made me laugh when I skimmed it while eating lunch out with a friend. (She was on her phone, too. I wasn't being totally rude.)
To my "inside nudist" collector,
I appreciate that you wanted to take a photo of yourself with my art but decided against it. I probably would have had a ton of hits with that photo. Maybe next time you add a piece to your collection? ;)
On the naps, high five and take one for me. You deserve them. On your workouts, kudos and keep kicking ass. I've heard that dancing and jumping without a bra is actually really good for your breasts. So if you decide to ditch the underoos, maybe you could combine your clothes free zone with Zumba in your living room? I think a few minutes would do, as it might be a little uncomfortable. I'm going to go ahead and just recommend frequent massage for breast health. Your partner should be up to the task. 
 Thank you, B.K. You're a colorful gem, and that artwork suits you brilliantly.
Sometime I like to paint fun, playful images to celebrate fun, playful people. I'm so glad to have you in my colorful world. 

Kiss of Color

Next up was the kind of message that really makes the rough patches worth it.

"I received the painting and I am speechless!! I about burst into tears. Not being dramatic, I really did. I love this... You are a treasure, Renee. I am so glad we crossed paths."

I'll always have to create some kind of art to keep (a portion of) my sanity, but it's connection of that sort that makes my work meaningful. I know that collector will forever have a space for that emotion, for whatever memory or story it is that moves her within that painting, upon her wall. I might have created the painting, but whatever she shares with it, is hers. She can look at it and revisit that place any time she pleases, every single day. I helped make that happen, and we're always connected through it. That's awesome. 
 Just this morning I checked my Facebook to see that the same collector and another deep collector had shared my art page. Just a couple of days before, an actress in the Florida arts scene shared my art, (I have to say I squeal with delight every time I see your gorgeous face on my TV, JB, and I'm so excited to paint this piece for you!) so I was feeling the love. I know they seem like very small things, but they are kind of like the internet equivalent to hugs, and I like good hugs. 

 Ah, the interwebs. The internet is crazy. It is a big place. It is easy to get lost. It is easy to get overwhelmed. It is easy to get frustrated and want to give up.  In the mean time, I'll be grateful for the dumb luck I've had and keep working. 
 Early this morning, I saw that my second highest traffic source to my Etsy shop was from Google France for my handwritten calligram portraits, to the example piece I did for a London firm for Day of the Girl in 2012. I have no ideas why, mind you. Looking at the stats is the extent of my internet savvy.
I  can hope that maybe one day, I'll get a shipment receipt message, en Francais, that is as heartfelt and fun as yesterday's were.

Thank you!

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