This kid is probably a better artist (or at least funnier) than most.

Brayden, age 6
 I'm not usually one to brag on kids, because, you know, ummm, I don't have any human children of my own and to be quite frank, I don't really care about normal human milestones.
Most humans learn to go potty. (My dog is really great at that, too.)
Most humans learn to speak, walk, give kisses, ride a bike, etc. (My dog is absolutely terrible at riding a bike.)  It's really just the things that I personally value from fellow humans that turn my head as far as development.
That being said, I do have a nephew that is hilariously witty (see above), artistically talented, (see above and below) and generally more interesting than most adults I come across.

I won't bore you with all of the Brayden Bragfest second hand anecdotes that sing of his cuteness, uniqueness, and wit.
But I don't think you can argue that his "Most Artistic" certificate from Kindergarten wasn't totally merited.

I mean seriously, how many kindergarteners do you know that have a grasp on the dynamic figure and foreshortening like this?
Brayden, completed at age 5.

  As a first grader, he now wants to be an Army tanker. (His mom is a corpsman in the U.S. Navy.) 

Who knows what he will do when he grows up, but I bet his doodles will be awesome. This kid is definitely getting professional grade art supplies and vintage comics from Aunt Née for Christmas.

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