Happy Redhead Days!

When I was a very small girl, I always looked up to my best friend. 
She just happened to be a vivacious, bubbly, highly intelligent girl covered in freckles and had the most lovely red hair.

Ever since then, some of my favorite people in the world are redheads! 
I'm so inspired by their fire and beauty that they often show up in my paintings.
 This weekend is Redhead Days, so show some love to your spicy friends!


  1. When I was a little girl I remember being attracted to quirks in people. There was a blonde girl in my class with huge brown eyes and a large brown birthmark on her face and neck, I thought it was amazing and it drew me to her like a magnet. Wish we all embraced quirks like that with childlike innocence rather than stigmatize. :) That's what your post reminded me of today, haha. Love your paintings, drawing read hair is so fun!

    1. Thank you, Van!
      That's a great story 💜


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