Slow and Steady

 I often come across tortoises on my daily trail route, but this guy made me stop and rest for a bit.
It's not the most exciting trail sighting, it's actually very common. Somehow I usually go right by the slow pokes, a quick nod and smile, then I continue looking for more exotic creatures to ignite my creative spark.

 Although I often whine about needing to, I rarely take the time to slow down. Life gets busy and it all seems to pile up so high that I can't see the green grass all around me.
This tortoise was exactly what I needed this week.
I had the chance to snap a few pictures of him (or her!) eating, and I when I got home, I decided to clear my schedule for the day.
I ignored emails and texts, I ate a weird concoction of all the things I was craving (sauerkraut, almond cheese, and pepitas)
I enjoyed an afternoon thunderstorm, and then went into the studio and painted myself a tortoise.
(New meaning of fun with alcohol)

 See? Going into your shell isn't always a bad thing!
This original painting is a very unique piece of my work unlike my other watercolor paintings, as it combines watercolor and alcohol on a canvas panel coated with watercolor grounds. The alcohol drips and mediums make a very unique effect on the non-traditional watercolor surface.

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Do you need to slow down and draw into your shell? 
Let the tortoise remind you to protect what's really important; you!

If you would like to add this "Slow & Steady" original painting to your art collection,



  1. I love turtles! I'm so glad you took the time to paint him. We have so many out here too. I'm one of those nutty people who pull my car over so I can move a turtle off the road. They are just so cute!

    1. Sheryl, the world needs more awesome people like you! 🐢💗


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