Dragonfly Druzy

 After dragonflies kept appearing to me, following me, and even landing on me, I was a little baffled.
I would see literally dozens of dragonflies every day that I went on my trail run or ride. (Ummm, ok, so it's actually not very cool when you're zoned out while running and one of these big guys flies right into your face or lands on your neck.)
When they started showing up at my house, I knew I couldn't ignore it as coincidence. It was time to learn more about this mesmerizing winged animal totem.
 A few years ago, I was a volunteer at Hospice Savannah. As the art activities facilitator of a children's bereavement group and photographer at Camp Aloha, I often came across the lovely and comforting story of dragonflies.

I can't say that I undoubtedly think these visitations are a sign that a departed loved one is trying to communicate with me, but I do know that a wise woman looks deeper and considers how she might apply the traditional myths of such a coincidence to her own situation.
 Transformation, transition, transcendence, light, and seeing past illusion are just a few things dragonflies symbolize. They have also been seen as a sign of good luck, and the loose style I felt needed to communicate their energy fits perfectly into my luck series, so of course, I painted a dragonfly.

"Dragonfly Druzy" 11x14, Watercolor on Aquabord, © D. Renée Wilson, 2014
 Glittering light on dragonfly wings is very reminiscent of a druzy.
A Druzy is a fine coating of crystals that have grown on a rock fracture surface, and I've always been drawn to them. I thought it was a fitting title since the dragonfly can symbolize light and transition. Through brokenness and loss, we can often see light that would have otherwise remained hidden. 
Since I painted the dragonfly, I haven't seen quite as many on the trail, but I'm keeping my eyes open for the next muse mother nature sends to me.
This Dragonfly Druzy is titled and ready to find a new home! 

  Does the dragonfly speak to you?
It may be time to look past illusion and toward transition. Let the mystery and magic of the dragonfly guide you through growth and transcendence.

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