Tight on Time & Teensy Art; Apple a Day #2

Little time makes for little finished artwork.
It's only the 2nd, but I have commissions to work on, art to ship, upcoming shows, and tons of errands. What to do?
Make it short & sweet.
Apple #2, oil pastel ACEO
I busted out my favorite Pastels à l'Huile, the creamy smooth Sennelier. Picasso helped Sennelier develop these oil pastels for artists that wanted to paint without a brush and on experimental surfaces. They are great for plein air work, can be thinned with a turpenoid, and I love them for mixed media. Made in Paris, these are one of the more expensive mediums I use, but they are as sexy as a painting with a fresh tube of lipstick.
 Today's apple is a mere 2.5" x 3.5". This size is commonly known as ACEO ( Artist Collectibles Editions and Originals) or ATC (Artist Trading Cards). It's a really quite a craze with some artists and loads of collectors. It's an affordable way to own and collect tiny originals from your favorite artists that you might not otherwise be able to. (Check out artist Bethany Taylor Myers, she rocks ATCs.)  I'm going to say it is kind of fun, so I can see how it might be addictive.
and I plan to do lots of minis like it this month and make them available in my Etsy shop.
You can swing by my Facebook giveaway for more details and enter to win one of my apples from the challenge.
Bon appetit!

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