Sun, Surf, & Sea Monsters; Apple #4 gets sandy

  This apple a day challenge is really fun yet frustrating for me. I'm not accustomed to making work that I either don't feel very strongly about & attached to or that isn't going to be for a client or collector. So after a day of working on commissions or a current project, now I sit down and make something that fits this challenge. With my schedule, I'm not one to mess around and possibly waste time and art materials. That's one reason the ACEOs are great for this challenge.
 But Sunday is funday, and although I usually pack a sketch book, this time I hit the shore with just my towel, sunglasses, and cold beverages. After a while relaxing in the sun, I got a little antsy. I went for a dip, grabbed an empty cup, and then sat myself down in the sand and started making this.

 Playing and building in the sand is so much better than baking in the sun. The SCAD sand art festival was one of my favorite events as a student there. Creating something with a team is fun. Sculpting solo is a bit more work, as I soon found out.
 It started out as reptilian creature, but since I was too lazy (it was hot, man) to make a million water trips with my 16 oz. cup, the dry sand did its thing and an embryo emerged. I was pretty inspired by this evolution, and it triggered me to illustrate an abstracted yet deeply archetypal narrative.
Or, maybe it's just my preoccupation with sea monsters.
(It's much more scientifically plausible and rational than Ornithoscelidaphobia, which I may or may not have.)
 I also bit off a little more than I wanted to chew by expanding the scene over 10 feet.
After 90 min. or so, I was crafting the curled crests of waves in the sand when the actual ocean waves came licking at my work.
I wasn't frustrated or sad. It felt right. My apple needed to bob out into the sea so my monster could chase it out and leave me.

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 May you artwork & play without getting sand in unwanted places,

~ D. Renée

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