Searching for Paradise

"Searching for Paradise", 17" x 13", plaster & acrylic

We all search. 

Some search for love, for money, for success. Exotic and rare, we chase after the metaphorical birds of paradise. ( As a Steve Martin fan & bird nerd, I have to take this opportunity to mention The Big Year. Netflix. Trust me.) And yet, often times the things we so desperately search for are right under our noses ( or on our shoulders in this case).
 What beautiful birds am I missing while I chase the prize? 

In my latest piece I have coupled my fascination with birds and my sometimes exhausting search for Truth, beauty, and enough art sales to keep me pushing paint. 
It is a reminder to take inventory of the seemingly mundane. To take a moment to stop mimicking calls to attract elusive creatures and trade the binoculars for a magnifying glass.
A moment of stillness and quiet recognition of the things in our lives that bring happiness. 
In Love, Artwork, & Play,
D. Renée


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