Apple A Day Art Challenge & Apple Pic Giveaway

 I'm participating in a fun art challenge this August. I'm in Florida, so as much as I'd love to go apple pickin' in a gorgeous orchard to gather references, it ain't happening. I have tons of ideas in mind, but I know I'm going to tire of sketching my daily snack. Here's where you come in- Send me your favorite photos of all things apple- fruit, pie, electronics, that Coldplay baby, anything goes! If I choose yours, I will create an original piece of art inspired by your image*. (*see the official rules at the bottom- these must be YOUR photos- we're legal, beagle.) I will be be creating as many apples as my schedule allows- ideally one for each day in August, so send as many as you like! One lucky winner will be chosen at the end of the challenge and will receive one original piece of my art from the Apple a Day art challenge. There are lots of options to get extra entries, so get pickin'!

 Click the link below for details and to enter.

Apple a Day Art Challenge & Giveaway

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