5 Quick Tips to Open Your Throat Chakra ( that won't make you look like a crazy hippie )

  Disclaimer-  If you don't believe in energy centers, prana, chi, or the endocrine system link to mental health ( it's just science, y'all ), just skip right along for "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" ( W.S.)

 Recently, a friend asked about chakras. While I didn't go into a whole chakra spiel (ain't nobody got time for that) I do like to help, even though it brands me as the crazy hippie. 
She then specifically asked about the throat chakra. I do yoga for mind and body, I'll admit my chakras aren't always open and happy, but my throat chakra is one of my problem areas. This chronic blockage can be linked to lots of things- verbal abuse as a child, trauma between the ages of 7-12, excessive criticism, fear of persecution, etc.
But, there are some easy ways to ease your poor choked chakra.

1. Color
  The 5th chakra is associated with the color blue, so surround yourself with it. Think on aqua, peaceful but bright blue. Visualize the color filling your throat and entire body with each breath.
You can wear clothing or jewelry with this color. I always wear a small pendant with a brilliant aqua opal. The necklace was a gift from a wonderful vacation in Belize, so in addition to the lovely color, I'm reminded of the gorgeous waters and the people I love that shared it with me. Of course, viewing art is another way to surround yourself with soothing blues. Which leads me to the next step...

2. Create
 As an artist this is obviously a go-to for me. I paint, draw, tear things up and glue them back together, whatever I can get my hands on. If you're finding it difficult to verbally communicate, create with your hands. Anything we make is a form of communication. It can come in the form of artwork or food. Pour your emotion into the act and it will not only prepare you to speak it, but the action will help you understand what it is you are feeling and why you feel stifled. Here's an example of a piece I made when feeling choked & overwhelmed using my beloved blues.

 Matsya, 18"x36", plaster & acrylic. Original & giclée prints available.

The colors of soothing, cool waters saturate this piece featuring a figure in matsyasana, or fish pose. I created this piece to remind myself that the deluges of life are not always meant to drown me, but to wash away the unnecessary obstacles I may be clinging to. To let the riptide take me out, go with the flow, and know that the current may sweep me to better shores. 

This piece is perfect segue to the next tip

3. Get Fishy With It
There are several yoga poses that are beneficial, and fish pose especially opens up the throat and just plain feels gooooood. I'll tell you a little secret if you're not a yogi you feel silly in this pose- I even sometimes imagine I'm a mermaid lying on the seabed while I practice this pose. Now who's silly?
Prajna Yoga is a great site with illustrations, pose sequence, and the science behind the poses and their benefits. If you really don't want to practice the full pose, support yourself and lean your head back. Remember to -

4. Breathe 
This is fairly important. Breathe or die. It's just how you breathe that helps. 
Take deep breaths of air in through your nose while opening your throat. This will make a sound like the ocean or a nice breeze. Exhale through an open mouth with a sigh or "huuuh" sound as the air passes over your vocal chords.
This will also activate your parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest system) and help to relax you. Take that relaxed breath a step further in the next tip.

5. Sing
What's your favorite song to sing? A song you really feel.  
Good one. I like that song, too. Now sing it. It doesn't matter where; the shower, around the house or even in your car. ( My favorite.) The important thing is that you're getting it out and you like it. The more you do this, the more trust you create between yourself and what it is you want to communicate. Humming is good start, too. Anything that is connecting you to your voice. But I know you sound great, go ahead and belt it out.

In Love, Artwork, & Play,
D. Renée


  1. Great post! I have been practicing yoga for about 5 years and I love how I feel when I am done. Love the tip about surrounding yourself with blues to open up your throat chakra.

  2. Thanks, Meagan! Post savasana bliss is amazing. :)

  3. A pleasure to read!

  4. I love all your relaxation techniques. I think I'll start with the breathing exercises. I sure do need some relaxation!


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