Well, here I am, almost a year since my last post. I'm not exactly the most disciplined when it comes to "blogging". It was a trip around the sun with tons of new work, exhibits, and a little craziness. A lot has happened in the past year in my artwork & my play, but if you want to catch up, just swing by my facebook page. I actually post and update that page regularly ;)
 I plan to ( heh heh heh) blog about my work, inspirations, events, and other random nonsense in a more timely fashion. However, I'm more apt to speak when spoken to, so feel free to suggest topics or ask questions. And if you're another creative or someone with a story, hit me up on social media.
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 I'd love to feature other bloggers & artists. There's a lot of people out there that want to know about you and see you succeed, and I'm probably one of them ;) ( Unless your plan is world domination. I'm not too hip on that.)
Until next time-
Art, Work, & Play,
~D. Renée

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