Thirsty for 3rd Thursday

"Arunima", 18x36, acrylic on plaster & wood panel
 Happy Thursday everyone!  It's the 3rd in May, so you know what that means-
Gallery Hop in Downtown Orlando.
 This month's City Arts Factory show is a double feature that I'm pretty stoked about.
I have four pieces up in the "Current Style" show from my Sparsana textured paintings series. I've been working over a year in this mixed up and messy process of printing onto and carving into plaster before painting it with layers and layers of acrylic glazes. It totally indulges my obsession with texture and color while forcing me outside of the representational freelance and commission work I do.  A couple of pieces in this style were recently accepted to the Francophile 1st Thursday show at the Orlando Museum of Art, but that's for another post. Bottom line, this process has evolved over the last few months, and it has dragged me along with it. That's why I'm more than excited to see the same from other artists exhibiting their "Current Style" at City Arts. Seeing new processes and techniques employed by other creatives really inspires me and helps me to fall in love with my materials in a new way.
 I also caught a quick glimpse during the drop off this week of the second show, a classic figurative theme in traditional media. This show is adjunct to a  4 week figure drawing workshop series being held at CAF.  It's just as lovely and elegant as you're thinking, but there is a surprisingly huge amount of color. This pleases me greatly, and I can't wait to see it all tonight.
 The gallery hop is officially from 6-9, but there are plenty of spaces open before and after those times. Just remember to bring your parking voucher to City Arts if you park in the Plaza Parking Garage and they will validate it at the welcome desk for a flat rate of $4. Hope to see you on the hop!

Do Artwork & Play,
D. Renée

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